iSystems Group
IT Services Expertise

  •     Cloud Management & Migration Strategies 
  •     Information Security Project Management Framework 
  •     Metadata & Knowledge Management 
  •     Big Data & Business Intelligence
  •     Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project Server Technologies
  •     Tableau Experts designing Digital Dashboards for
        Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Information Technology Solutions Past Performance Summaries

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Microsoft SharePoint™ Portal Website Technologies &
™ Digital Business Intelligence Dashboards

  • Extensive experience developing Microsoft SharePoint™ applications, Microsoft Project Server™ installations, and Tableau™ business intelligence reporting dashboards.

Enterprise Engineering, Data Warehouse & Big Data Support

  • Technical leads delivering enterprise data systems engineering support in the areas of Government “Off-the-Shelf” software support, data analytics, data normalization, and data engineering including data ingest and data extract, transform & load (ETL) activities.

Enterprise Application Cloud Migration

  • Assisted Federal agencies with Cloud migration and optimization strategies including being the first within the FAA to migrate a key enterprise application to a FedRAMP certified cloud provider.