March 14, 2013

iSystems Group Senior Consultant, Andy Lovorn, attended Government Accounting Office's (GAO) Cost, Schedule, Earned Value Management (EVM) Meeting Thursday, March 14 with other industry experts from around the world. The intent of the meeting was to solicit feedback on the latest trends in the industry and how GAO should consider these trends when conducting assessments on Federal programs. Notably, Mr. Lovorn posed suggestions in how Federal Emergency Agencies could improve Disaster related cost estimates following a natural disaster (e.g. Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, or a tsunami impacting Japan)and protocols for scheduling work suspensions and how to prevent work from being duplicated following suspensions. Mr. Lovorn will be involved with future efforts assisting GAO to develop guidance on estimating and planning Agile projects related to IT projects as well as other development projects (construction, etc.) as Agile methodologies are now being applied beyond IT projects overseas.